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jasmin/Tohoshinki Lovers Forum 

All the cards are compiled and send it to Japan to be delivered
with flowers to trio of tvxq before Osaka a-nation.

Thank you for those who generously donated with lovely cards!

We'll keep you posted here how the project goes.

Tohoshinki Lovers Forum 

Dear participants!

Thank you for your generous donations to our project.
Upon receipt of your donations, we will send you the mentioned
wristband of your favorite member's color.


We recently received the donations from countries in Europe and

Though our deadline is supposed to be the 5th of August,
we will still accept your cards until Friday the latest.
If you intend to send us the donation, you can let us know the amount first and pay later (please specify the date of expected day of donation).  Just send us your card now by e-mail!!

We include the cards without donation on space-available basis.
It doesn't guarantee for the cards without donation to be included in our message book to go with the flower, but if space allows it will be included.

Thank you!!

Tohoshinki Lovers Forum 


Stand by You Project


This is one of the series of project we've been doing to show our support for each of five members.
The purpose is to let them know we fans are on their side no matter what.
As JYJ unit was confimed to appear on a-nation, we decided to send a flower arrangement of their personal color made by "preserved" flowers along with message cards from us fans to each member.  (On this occasion, it's going to be three members of JYJ.)  
Here's how to participate the project.

1)  Let us know your intended donation amount.
      Also let us know your webname, real name, and address to confirm the payment via paypal.


2)  Donate via paypal!

Click here.....

3)  Prepare your message card and send it to us!
      For size, please refer the detail below.

4)  If your donation is more than $10, we will send you a project wristband of your color choice as token of appreciation.


Minimum Unit of donation:  $5
If you donate more than two units (which is $10), you will receive a wristband of our project.  All the donated amount will be thoroughly used for the flower arrangement and project expenses alone.  The size of the flower arrangement will be determined by the amount donated. 
Please click here to make a donation via PayPal!




Those who donate more than 2 units amount (which is $10) will receive a project wristband of your choice. 
Wristband material is desposable Tyvek.  To reuse, you may want to use adhesive velcro tapes.

Member colors are as follows:
Yunho:       Green
Changmin:  Yellow
Jejung:      Pink
Yuchun:     Purple
Junsu:       Orange

Member colors are not official colors, but it was determined based on their past goods sold by SM, and their personal colors.

The flower is chemically treated, and last from several years to almost forever depending on the preserved conditions.  The flower arrangement for our projects are always specially created by our forum member and professional florist, sola-san.  Thank you!!


Please send your message card to the project e-mail address.
It will be printed in business card size, and be filed in a booklet in donation amount order.  (It will be alphabetic order within the same amount category.)
Size:   50.8mm x 88.9mm
          (or 3.5 inch x 2 inch)
If you are not sure about the size, send us an e-mail so that we can send you some template.
(using our template you can make it by Paint or Word).
If your're not good at making it on PC, create your
own card in the above size, then scan it, and send it to us.
What to write:
*Your name (real or web name)
*Your country
*Member's name you're addressing to
*And, of course, your message!
You can decorate it in anyway you want it as long as the card fits the size.
August 5th, 2010
Payment and message card should be at our hand by this date so that our project will be reach to JYJ on time!!
Our project will be sent to Bigeast office by Osaka a-nation date.
Any further questions, please send an e-mail to:

Sample flower arrangement:


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